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Eid Mubarak greeting card design free 2022

Eid Mubarak greeting card design free 2022

Eid Mubarak greeting card design free 2022

Eid Mubarak greeting card design free 2022

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Are you looking for a Professional and Unique design for Eid greeting card design, Poster design, Eid Invitation Card, Eid Flex design, Islamic Brochure design Islamic Flyer design For the luxury impression? this is the place to achieve creative and unique designs to improve our idea and clearly advertise his business.

What is Eid ul Fitr

Eid al-Fitr, is the earlier of the two official holidays celebrated within Islam. The religious holiday is celebrated by Muslims worldwide because it marks the end of the month-long dawn-to-sunset fasting of Ramadan.

Eid Mubarak greeting card design free 2022

Eid Mubarak greeting card design free 2022
Eid Mubarak greeting card design free 2022

What are the benefits of using posters?

When we often think of posters, we see stone posters covering the walls of young people’s rooms. This is why most marketers often overlook or underestimate the effectiveness of professional design.

While emerging markets such as advertising, pay-per-click advertising, and emails are the most common organizations offering, advertising can still offer many benefits to small businesses. and large. If you want others to appreciate the idea of ​​using advertising as a business idea, make sure you mention the following benefits:

1. You can print the poster in any image or large size.

The size for banners is 24 by 36 inches, but they can be printed in various lengths such as 8 by 8 inches. to 58 by 100 in. When it comes to announcements? size and shape are not the limits. For advertising purposes, a negative presentation can help the publication. Another way to help your poster look visually appealing is with custom printing finishes such as matte, glossy, or a glossy finish such as foil that can give your poster a glossy finish.

Eid Mubarak greeting card design free 2022

2. Easy-to-distribute bulletins.

Depending on the size of your poster, you can decide where you want to place it or how you want people to see it. If you print a poster in a large format, you can choose to send it directly to the people you want to reach.

If you are going with a larger format, you need to choose your location carefully and make sure you have the necessary permissions to post your poster. In some cases, your business may offer special incentives to the owners of the area where you want to place your advertisement in exchange that allowing you to place your advertisement on their site.

Eid Mubarak greeting card design free 2022
Eid Mubarak greeting card design free 2022 

3. Advertisements are very cheap.

Custom posters can vary in price depending on their size, color, and finish. However, announcements are still a low-cost and cost-effective investment. The main reason for this is because they can buy a lot and unlike other types of advertising, they do not have to invest.

Eid Mubarak greeting card design free 2022

4. Advertisements are multifaceted.

The bulletins can be used for many different types of advertisements. Whether you are trying to promote an event, or if you just want people to learn about your company, they can be useful. Posters can be used by businesses large and small, they can be placed outdoors or indoors, and they can be used to provide temporary or continuous support.

5. Advertising is one of the best ways to advertise products.

Custom brochures can help you make an immediate impact on your audience. In addition to this, they give you a lot of publicity, and when they are put in the bus station, advertisements allow you to reach a wide range of people. The location you choose will play an important role. You may want your advertisement to be placed in a crowded area such as a shopping mall, lobby, coffee shop, or restaurant.

Poster Design

Presenters use posters to entice audiences to (1) read about their work, and (2) understand and remember the information presented.

Design can help you achieve both of these goals. A good poster attracts audiences with a clear, uncluttered design that has a pop of color. It has information presented in a logical order such that audiences can navigate through the material easily. In addition, a good poster is not overloaded with text; it contains only the most essential bits of text and graphics needed to tell the story. The following summarizes the design elements that make up a scientific poster:

Eid Mubarak greeting card design free 2022

Key Features

At its core, a poster is made up of four key features: a title, graphic(s), text, and white space. Layout, flow, and color affect the order and style of these four key features.


The title is a descriptive indicator of the contents of the poster, and it should not exceed two lines of text. For your title, we recommend using the 48-point font (or larger) and bold lettering.


Posters typically employ around 800 words (and no more than 1000 words) of text. Your text MUST be organized into sections and labeled with appropriate section headings so that readers can easily navigate the contents of your poster. The text should clearly describe the objective of your study, the procedures used, the results obtained, and any conclusions based on the results presented.

Eid Mubarak greeting card design free 2022


Graphics must appear in context with the main text. When choosing graphics, always choose high-resolution images (300 dpi or higher), and make sure that these images are large enough such that a person standing 5 feet away can see them. Avoid pulling low-resolution images from the web, always use captions for figures/tables, and always credit sources where appropriate.

White space

White space exists as a key feature because it is necessary for defining the borders of your presentation. It also creates ​breathing room” within your poster, which helps viewers avoid feeling overwhelmed by the information being presented. Roughly speaking, 30% of your poster should consist of white space, 40% should consist of your title and text, and 30% should consist of graphic images.

Eid Mubarak greeting card design free 2022


There are many design options for the layout of a poster, including numerous free templates available online. Some popular options include vertical columns, contrasting fields, and the graphic-centered designs shown above. Ultimately, the right layout for your poster will be the one that best illustrates the purpose of your report. For example, if your objective is to compare and contrast two different categories, a contrasting-fields layout will likely be a better option than vertical columns or graphics-centered layouts.

Eid Mubarak greeting card design free 2022


Flow coordinates with how your readers’ eyes move around the different sections of your poster. As you are choosing your layout and labeling the different sections of your poster, you should always consider the flow of your design. In the best poster designs, the flow is logical and readers are never confused about how to find information on the poster or how to connect the dots between different sections. Above is an example of how a vertical column layout would flow.


Adding color to a presentation is an excellent way to draw a reader’s gaze and define the different sections of your poster. But color should always be used sparingly and with considerable thought. Indiscriminate changes in font and color only distract from your message; therefore, we recommend you use no more than three colors and two font types for your text. One simple way of incorporating color into your poster is to use a different color for your headings and subheadings.

Eid Mubarak greeting card design free 2022

Tips for Creating Posters

  • Use no more than two typefaces.
  • Use sans serif fonts like Arial, Calibri, or Helvetica. These fonts work better for posters and PowerPoints, while serif fonts are typically reserved for papers.
  • Write the authors’ names, collaborators’ names, and subheadings using a 48-point font or larger.
  • Use 30 to 36-point font for the narrative text.
  • Keep the margins of your poster and the space between columns at a minimum of 2.5 inches.
  • Avoid mixing low-contrast colors (for example, yellow text against a white background), because it often makes text and images hard to see.

What Makes a Good Certificate?

Tips and Tricks The information is written clearly and concisely. The information is presented in a way that puts the content of the text ahead of the style in which it is presented. The notice was presented in a highly visible area.

Eid Mubarak greeting card design free 2022

Readability: Write clearly and concisely

Readability is a function of both the text and the choice. Select only the main information for the content of the text, no more, no less. Any word that can be removed without negatively changing the meaning of the text should be removed.

These advertisements should, in their most common incarnations, contain the following: The ‘name’ of the Program is held and when.

Fees and other services, if necessary.

Brief description of the program.

Remember that notices serve as a reminder of what you have presented at floor meetings and should not be changed.

Readability for publications that are part of passive services includes similar thoughts. Each page should serve as a single point and index, thus improving their comprehension and retention.

Eid Mubarak greeting card design free 2022

Legibility: Simple and clear presentation

Legibility is the process of choosing the format and size, choosing the image, page layout, and color of the text, among other things. Ideally, the ads should be so simple that people can not help but read them as they go through them. Most of all, ads look easier to make than their cluttered, smaller competitors. Legibility can be improved easily and in many ways.

Eid Mubarak greeting card design free 2022
Eid Mubarak greeting card design free 2022
Eid Mubarak greeting card design free 2022
Eid Mubarak greeting card design free 2022

Eid Mubarak greeting card design free 2022

Please click on the link below to download the free CDR and PDF file

CDR Format

Eid Mubarak greeting card design free 2022

PDF Format




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